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Sliding Gliding Fitness Discs

$28.08 $42.12 saving $14.04
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Sliding Gliding Fitness Discs

$28.08 $42.12 saving $14.04

This fitness disc slider allows you to perform skills that target every muscle group, mobilize all muscles to adapt exercise, thus can enhance the coordination of your whole body. 

The reverse side use soft foam, more comfortable and non-slip, you can use the gliding discs on any surface such as wood, carpet, rug or tile. Small size and lightweight, so you can easily take it anywhere.

Perfect for exercising on the go, at home, the gym, hotel room or the park This gliding discs slider fitness was made of ABS material, environmental friendly, pressure-proof and acid proof, very strong and durable


  • Applicable Fitness Equipment: Strength Training Apparatus
  • Sliding Slider: Gliding Discs
  • Exercise Sliding Plate: Abdominal Core Training
  • Category: Fitness Equipment
  • Fitness Disc: Gliding Discs Slider
  • Color: Pink, Yellow, Gray, Green, Blue
  • Purpose: Fitness Equipment
  • Material: PVC,ABS
  • Type: Exercise Training Slider,gym slider
  • Package: 2pcs/Pair Gym Sliders
  • Applicable Fitness Equipment: Sliding Gliding Discs
  • Effect: Shape and Fitness