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Acne Pimple Removing Needles

$5.79 $8.69 saving $2.90
Acne Pimple Removing Needles - ShopBezerk

Acne Pimple Removing Needles

$5.79 $8.69 saving $2.90

EFFECTIVE BLACKHEAD REMOVER TOOL: These 5-piece of blackhead removal tools in different sizes and angles for extract blackheads/whiteheads and remove different sizes of pimples, zits, acnes, fat grains on your chin, cheek, forehead and nose.

CLEAN & HYGEIAN STAINLESS STEEL: Made of 100% dermatologist grade surgical steel, won't cause sensitivity issues, minimize risk of infection. Our blackhead remover kit can work on all types of skin.

NON-SLIP GRIP: An optimum facial is guaranteed by the non-slip handles of the tool. These help you to work precisely and to protect your skin from wounds and scars.

USING IT WITHOUT PAIN: This blackhead remover tool won't cause any damage and scarring. Scientific tips even hold things firmly and won't irritate your skin or bring any hurt.

EASY CARRYING STORAGE BOX: Comes with a waterproof storage box for keeping your tool in prefer order and easy carrying your blackhead remover tools with you when travelling.


  • Power Source: None