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Acne Therapy Laser Pen

$5.22 $7.83 saving $2.61
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Acne Therapy Laser Pen

$5.22 $7.83 saving $2.61

BLUE LIGHT FOR REMOVING ACNE – Special 415nm blue light design will experience the maximum reduction in acne and reduce excretion of oil and shrink pores. After using for 8 times( 2 times every week) or more, your skin will become more and more healthy. Blue light can firm flabby skin, shrink skin pores, effectively kill Corynebacterium acnes and markedly improve red spot, oily skin and severely sensitive skin.BIO CURRENT DIMINISH INFLAMMATION – BIO current can active skin cell and stimulate regeneration and repair of collagen, help to regain skin elasticity and its normal metabolism, revitalize the cells and make the cells and make the skin be fleshy, full and lustrous, diminish inflammation. You won’t have any feelings during operation, it’s very comfortable and miraculous.107℉ WARM DESIGN – It has a good effect on lymph detoxification and solves the acne problems basically. Keep skin clean while preventing new ones from forming as well.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Power Source: Dry Battery
  • Size: 192*90*42mm
  • Manufacturing Process: Hand Made
  • Function: Skin Rejuvenation
  • Function: Skin Tightening
  • Function: Facial Clean
  • Product name: acne therapy pen