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Anti Hair Loss Therapy Comb

$28.83 $43.25 saving $14.42
Anti Hair Loss Therapy Comb

Anti Hair Loss Therapy Comb

$28.83 $43.25 saving $14.42

Grow hair by simply combing!

Scalp Massage Comb For Men Women

This 3-in-1 Electric Massage Comb with 28 soft silicone massage contacts promotes blood circulation, helps wake up the scalp and relieves you of a day's fatigue.Idea gift to partner, ideal gift to parents, idea gift to friends.

Vibration Hair Massage Comb

Massage your scalp with a vibration frequency of 6000rmp, relax the muscle and relieve fatigue, stimulate cell activity and promotes the absorption of the nutrition. Frequently use can prevent headaches or intermittent headaches.


Blue Light Phototherapy

Stimulate hair follicle and control oil, anti-inflammatory effect, relax and calm the scalp skin, promote hair health, improve hair quality.


Red Light Phototherapy

Enhance your blood circulation, so that the oxygen and nutrients can be sent to the hair follicle, promote collagen growth and anti-hair loss.


Portable To Carry

The battery is USB rechargeable; Compact size and lightweight allows you to carry it around to use anytime anywhere.



Package Includes:

1 x 3in1 Laser Comb Regrowth Thickening System