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Deep Cleansing Skin Care

$24.48 $36.72 saving $12.24
Deep Cleansing Skin Care - ShopBezerk

Deep Cleansing Skin Care

$24.48 $36.72 saving $12.24

PAIN-FREE SOLUTION: Clean wounds without the burn or sting. First move excess hair from the area, then spray or saturate and apply a dressing 3-4 times a day until the wound heals. Keep wounds cleaned and moist for faster healing.

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Before & After:

Apply to areas of face with enlarged pores. Gently tap with fingertips for maximum absorption.

1. Cleanse your face thoroughly using cleansing to completely empty out pores.
2. Apply Pore Corset Serum to areas on face with enlarged pores.
3. Please wait for minutes after applying Pore Corset Serum for maximum results!


  • Formulation: Liquid
  • Item Type: Face Serum
  • Ingredient: As