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Workout Bars Stand

$32.88 $49.32 saving $16.44
Workout Bars Stand - ShopBezerk

Workout Bars Stand

$32.88 $49.32 saving $16.44

This Workout Bars Stand are ideal for upper body muscle training, especially the chest muscles, triceps, abdominal muscles and back muscles. These can be easily used at home and in the gyms. Push up bars are perfect for both men and women.

By training with the push up bars, your range of motion will be increased, and you will be able to target muscles more effectively.

Strength Training Pushup Stands are made of high quality polypropylene, which is sturdy and strong enough to support any weight. Thickened steel tube chrome-plated ergonomically designed for better load bearing and corrosion protection, for superior safety, rubber feet will keep the pushup bar stable on all kinds of floor types without slipping.

The unique design of push up bars can protect your wrist from hurt or injury during the exercise. reduces strain and protect wrist, It will make push ups easier and safe.


  • Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise
  • Teaching Mode: Book
  • Form: I-shaped Push-up Rack